Published Works

Key West Overture (2019) COMING SOON

This compositional escapade will be published in 2019 by the Neil A. Kjos Music Company.

Lusitania (2019) COMING SOON

This World War I tone poem will be published in 2019 by Ludwig Masters Publications.

The Labyrinth (2013)

This thrilling work depicts the story of Theseus and the minotaur in a dramatic and exciting manner. The synthesizer part may be played by a pianist and a harpist if those instruments are available. A fine work from a young and developing composer.

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Wind Power (2012)

Wind Power depicts the powerful energy of wind turbines and features majestic themes and driving rhythm. Sometimes lush and warming and other times thrilling we can feel the changes of the wind. An excellent concert or festival selection with a little something for everyone.

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Beyond the Clouds (2010)

This exciting original is sure to inspire your students, especially when they learn it was written by a thirteen year old!  Clever as well as tuneful, the fresh and original writing exhibits all the youthful exuberance of the talented, young composer.  Both grand and majestic, it's suitable for opening or closing any concert performance!